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Long Island Business Associates

Since 2002 LIBA Resources has been facilitating business opportunities by bringing business professionals together. 

LIBA has been doing this through its:


Business professionals do business with other business professionals that they like.  LIBA creates the platform, in a non-competitive environment, for business professionals to get to know one another on a personal and a professional basis.


LIBA nurtures and encourages relationship development with its morning meetings, evening soirees, individual meetings, and numerous events.


Growing a company or brand is difficult.  LIBA’s morning round table’s discussions provide sounding boards for the members with their professional peers.


LIBA provides the opportunity to meet other business professionals at it’s morning meetings, evening soirees, it’s summer barbecue and Annual Gala. 


LIBA understands the value of protected member designations.  As a result, each member has one professional designation. 


Long Island Business Associates (LIBA) was founded in 2002 as an exclusive networking organization of premier business professionals. Its members build solid working relationships with each other by meeting monthly as a group, by meeting one-on-one, and by working together on networking events and charitable projects. Taken as a whole, LIBA members provide all of the varied services that any company could need. Members help each other grow their businesses by giving business advice and direct referrals.

LIBA membership is open to business professionals in categories not already represented by an existing member. 

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