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Board Members:

President: Dan Stieglitz

President Emeritus: Ross Selinger

Membership: Jonathan Carroll and Keith Novitz

Events: Jamie Austin

Long Island Business Associates (LIBA) members are elite business professionals, each of which offers exclusive services within their business category and specialty area. Taken as a whole, LIBA members provide all the varied services that are needed by local businesses to help them solve problems, address issues, and grow their companies.

Member Business Designations:

Alex Protosow

Corey Lev

Daniel Stieglitz

Keith Novitz

Lee A. Schwartz, Esq.

Ross M. Selinger

Jonathan Carroll

Joshua Kreitzman

Warren Goldberg

John Kozey

Todd Ringler

Dashmir Dalipi

Insurance, personal lines

Wealth Management

Technology Solutions

Banking, Commercial

Attorney, Corporate

Commercial Real Estate

Insurance, Commercial



Business Funding

Business Valuation and Appraisal

IT & Cybersecurity

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